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Job Title: Treasury Manager (SAP ERP skill is required)

Company : Unilever

Treasury Manager




Background & Purpose of the Job

Effective Liquidity, foreign exchange and commodity backroom operations management are critical to ensure the safeguard of Unilever’s financial assets. This role is involved in the Treasury operations for Unilever Nigeria and the role is to oversee the day-to-day Treasury and commodity hedging operations and be the lead for upcoming Treasury projects. The role will also oversee the management of the Pension funds for the Business as well as the insurance activities for the Business and its assets. The role will also be focusing on managing the Liquidity and Foreign exchange requirements for the business in addition to running the back-office operations in addition to managing and maximizing the Tax liabilities for the Business.


1. Banking

• Lead and work with Regional / Global Treasury to ensure adequate facilities are available to meet existing and future business funds requirements

• Develop and maintain effective operational network with key Banks/Financial Institutions to ensure smooth operations and harness opportunities

• Responsible for administer role for Bank related systems

• Co-ordinate and ensure documentation in place to transact with Banks (facilities letter, documentation, director’s resolution etc)

2. Financial Accounting

Ensure accurate and timely internal reporting for both statutory and internal reporting of the Treasury function. These include:

  • Managing CapGemini (offshore Accounts team) for Treasury outsourced activities
  • Reviewing journals on Interest charges, bank charges, Unilever Finance International (UFI) sweep and fund transactions, Loans, FX differences arising out of settled FX contracts, settlement of payments and collections, revaluation & mark to market on open FX contracts
  • Analysing and ensuring timely completion of Treasury reports (FX exposures, currency trends, Cash Forecast, actual cash flows; hedging requirements)

3. Liquidity Management

• Ensure Unilever’s financial assets are safe guarded with proper planning of short-, medium- and long-term cash requirements. This includes funding requirements and maximizing long term returns on excess liquidity.

• Forecast day-to-day cash flow positions, related borrowing needs, and available funds for investment.

• Identify opportunities for cost savings or increase returns on excess cash.

• Reviews company’s cash forecast and performs an analysis on the projected vs. reported cash holdings.

4. Exposures management

• Mitigates financial risks related to the interest rates on the foreign exchange positions

• Propose Forex strategies and exposure limits incorporating market insights on Forex trends into hedging decisions

• Design and implement full end to end (process design, systems, accounting treatments) solutions for back-office operations on new commodities, instruments and regions

5. Governance, Compliance & Documentation

• Maintains policies and procedures that impose an adequate level of control over treasury operations.

• Ensures all transactions are completed in accordance with the Schedule of Authorities and are properly documented.

• Responsible for the Treasury Policy compliance and observing Forex limits

• Establish and report treasury KPIs                                                                                                                                       

6. Investment sub-committee and Pension Trust Fund governance

  • Deciding on the right funds in which employees can invest in.
  • Reviewing the fund performance
  • Organising pension trust meetings and briefing the trustees on fund performances, employee engagement etc
  • Relationship management with administrator and custodian

7. Commodity Risk Management

• Stabilising the existing back-office operations and setup new commodities for the back-office operations

• Ensure compliance and controls are in placed in the back-office operations


Key Skills:

  • Strong SAP Knowledge
  • Strong Excel spreadsheet skills
  • Graduate calibre candidate who is CIMA/ACCA/ICAN certified
  • Confident communication

Relevant experience

  • Financial Management
  • Tax Accounting
  • Treasury Management
  • Minimum of 7 years work experience with at least 2 spent as a team lead

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