Job Title: Instrument / PLC Supervisor (SAP ERP skill is required)

Company : SPIE

Instrument / PLC Supervisor






  • Ensures HSE policy fulfillment during his activities
  • Establishes and maintains a strong safety culture in line with Company HSE Requirements and Rules
  • Is responsible to ensures compliance with HSE Legislation, Company Standards and Procedures under his area of responsibility to ensure employees safety, legislative compliance, and responsible environment attitude
  • Ensures compliance with Operating Procedures & Guidelines with the asset to ensure Process Safety, Operational Safety and Plan Integrity
  • Contributes to achieve and improve HSE targets
  • Performs the updating of technical documentation.
  • Gives his contribution in Hazard Analyses, incident investigations, Root Cause Failure Analyses, process incidents advising his hierarchy about HSE issues and proposing corrective solutions.

Main Activities

  • Responsible for assuring from Validation by COMPANY ICSS Engineer the accurate control, authorization verification, integrity and follow-up of all software and hardware for use in the ICSS and systems at the Power Generation Plant
  • Guarantees a good level of availability of the equipment on site
  • Performs the diagnostics and trouble shooting in the ICSS and PLC,
  • Follows-up the parameter values and alarms in the concerned systems, for condition monitoring purpose,
  • Carries out, at the CSR request, any intervention within his field of competence.
  • Organises on site, the maintenance operations which are placed under his responsibility,
  • Ensures that the COMPANY’s HSE regulations are respected (especially procedures related to Work Permits), as well as approved operating procedures and standard industry practice during preparation and performance of maintenance operations placed under his responsibility,
  • Manages interventions using the CMIMS SAP R3,
  • Enters intervention reports on CMIMS (including those concerning SMC) and writes the technical reports related to his field,
  • Monitors the functioning of utilities and equipment placed under his responsibility,
  • Takes part in daily, weekly and coordination meetings on site,
  • Ensures that the transfer of knowledge by mentoring occurs properly within his teams, and actively participates in this himself,
  • Manages the team of technicians directly under his responsibility.


  • Identifies, in the preparatory stage of maintenance works, any delicate operations and ensures that proper studies of the risks involved are carried out beforehand,
  • Proposes any relevant action to improve performance and availability of control system
  • Identifies recurrent corrective maintenance interventions, analyses them, and suggests improvements.
  • Keeps a critical eye on current preventive maintenance programmes and if need be, suggests improvements.
  • Guaranties that software produced for modification or corrective actions are in conformity with functional analysis.
  • Guaranties that control system documentation is up to date.





  • HND equivalnt or higher degree in Engineering or related disciplines
  • 6+ years experience in the field of control system and at least 3 years as PLC Supervisor in the Power Generation Industry.
  • A knowledge of the principles related to the process and equipment of power generation and transmission
  • Ability to work in a large multinational team.
  • He must be rigorous and methodical in his approach to operations.


Specific Knowledge:

  • Emerson Delta V
  • Rockwell / Allen-Bradley
  • Emerson

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