Job Title: Patroller (SAP ERP skill is required)

Company : HOLCIM




To patrol, monitor and ensure that equipment runs smoothly in order to meet the job specifications of the shift.

Production patroller mission is to serve as the first level inspector, and participate in planned shutdown and running maintenance of all plants safely and efficiently through a complete working knowledge of manufacturing equipment and processes.


  • Obtain plant status information from all relevant sources at the start of the shift.
  • Systematically walk through the designated area and inspect the condition of equipment, check that parameters are within specified limits.
  • Complete properly the information for handover to next shift.
  • Communicate work status, hazards, abnormalities & unresolved problems clearly to all relevant persons to ensure they can be fixed and taken into account during the next shift(s).
  • Detect & record abnormalities and potential problems, communicate them to CCR or superiors & take if possible prompt corrective actions.
  • Suggest improvements or inclusions of new items in checklists.
  • Carry out accurate stocks measurement according to procedures (incl. Safety aspects) & report the stock levels to CRO/supervisor.
  • Identify minor repairs and follow up for maintenance to be carried out.
  • Obtain approval (work permit) from the Shift Leader or Supervisor before starting the repair job. Control risks and ensure compliance with safety & environmental requirements.
  • Undertake the repair job according to procedures & manufacturer specifications using appropriate tools and techniques.
  • Assist the maintenance team for jobs requiring coordination between maintenance and production.
  • Manually start, adjust and stop equipment in accordance with procedures.
  • After it has been stopped, obtain CCR instruction before adjusting equipment.
  • Switch off the equipment in a position that makes access easy and make sure area is clear and safe for maintenance.
  • Perform pre-start checks (incl. testing of equipment) & confirm to CRO that equipment is ready for start-up.
  • Ensure auxiliary equipment operates properly after start-up and report any abnormalities.
  • Any other additional responsibilities assigned by the Supervisor/Manager

REFRACTORY installation:

  • Install refractory correctly according to relevant techniques (For kiln Patrollers)

Health and Safety & Environment:

  • “Identify & communicate clearly on potentially dangerous situations and get confirmation that they are correctly understood’’.
  • Ability to perform a general lockout.
  • Manage first level emergencies and giving first aid.
  • Inspect /maintain equipment to ensure environmental compliance.
  • Know regulations & plant environmental policies. Know & prevent potential environmental spills associated with plant operations (auxiliary equipment).


  • Minimum National Diploma (ND) or equivalent in any engineering or science discipline


  • Experience with safety regulations and procedures
  • Cement production process knowledge
  • Plant equipment and layout: form and function
  • Basics on problem solving methods and tools (Root Cause Failure/Risk analysis)

Knowledge & Skills

Technical / Functional Skills:

  • Good written and oral communication skills
  • Computer Skills especially Excel, word, powerpoint and email applications
  • Ability to prioritize with excellent time management skills
  • Good attention to detail
  • Technical skills in how to carry out inspection activities for Maintenance to be able execute the required WO, and PMR WBI
  • Train on Major Shutdown, Work identification and understanding the daily and weekly scheduling
  • Train on SAP Work Execution and confirmation, PMR for WBI and how to generate Notification from it.
  • Recording history for root cause and actual hour of work performed
  • Deep Technical Knowledge on Production activities
  • Knowledge of Holcim Safety & Environmental guidelines

Behavioral Competence:

  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Strong team player
  • Adaptable
  • Tact and tolerant
  • Ability to work well under pressure and adhere to set deadlines
  • Resilient and Motivated
  • Commitment to safety
  • Innovative, Inquisitive, creative and result oriented
  • Pro-active in decision making
  • Ownership and accountability
  • Effective time management skills
  • High level integrity.

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