Job Title: Plant Director (SAP ERP skill is required)

Company : Dangote Industries Limited

Plant Director 



Job Summary:

  • Be the “champion” of all Production, Human Resources, Logistics and Financial issues in the Plant.
  • Develop and maintain high plant performance standards for the plants and take overall responsibility for all production related operations including purchasing and distribution, safety, industrial excellence and technical support, resources (people mobilization/development), customer orientation and logistics as well as production support functions such as mining, engineering and maintenance.
  • Develop the value of the plant ‘assets’ through effective management of equipment, reserves, competencies and stakeholder relationships (plant ‘image’).
  • Provide overall strategic leadership, direction and guidance for all Plant operations.
  • Ensure the continuous growth and profitability of the organisation’s business.

Key Duties and Responsibilities:

Budgeting & Planning

  • Champion the execution of the corporate strategy at the plant level; Demonstrate ownership for the definition of the Plant’s strategy and ensure alignment with the corporate strategy.
  • Provide strategic guidance and oversight in the development of strategic plans for the plant.
  • Prepare the annual budgets and prudently monitor and manage the Plants’s resources within the budgetary provision.
  • Facilitate prompt implementation of the approved operational plans and ensure that plant operations are in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • Facilitate the definition of broad guidelines for the establishment of standards to ensure and measure the performance of plant operations; its departments, units, teams and personnel.

Plant Management Cycle

  • Oversee the conduct of in-depth research, assessment and analysis and benchmark the plant management strategies against other major players in view of industry and economic realities in order to ensure maintenance and improvement of production standards.
  • Oversee the execution and implementation of risk management frameworks and disaster recovery plans to ensure optimal plant performance and minimize operational losses.
  • Oversee the analysis of sales forecast to determine production capacity required to meet forecast.
  • Monitor production performance including cost & volumes of raw materials, energy & fuels, effective utilisation of equipment/machines and ensure alignment with planned production targets, delivery targets, profitability targets and other key performance measures.
  • Implement appropriate strategies, plans and programmes for producing quality products and achieving set levels of Plant capacity utilisation and efficiency.
  • Develop and enforce policies and procedures for production methods, quality and safety.
  • Develop plans and processes which minimize manufacturing costs through effective utilization of manpower, equipment, facilities, materials, and capital.
  • Ensure Plant compliance with all local and national laws and regulations relating to cement manufacturing.
  • Continually control and monitor plant performance through measurement and analysis through the use of standard tools, benchmarking and pre-defined Company indicators to be used for tracking.
  • Demonstrate ownership for all technical issues in the plants.
  • Optimise and adapt the production process and equipment in line with the Company’s improvement program/ action plans.
  • Create safe work conditions and mobilize all plant employees and contractors on safety at work.

Finance and Cost Reduction

  • Oversee the execution of all necessary systems, controls, policies and procedures to ensure a rigorous financial framework for the Plant.
  • Authorize expenses in line with the plant objectives and budget provisions.
  • Provide oversight for the management of information systems and information system reporting tools.
  • Demonstrate ownerhip for the implementation of a cost reduction program including cost tracking practices/methods in order to maintain competitive edge in the market and ensure increased overall performance. The cost reduction program should be reflected in:
    • Fixed cost, variable cost, selling & general cost (pricing);
    • Increased volumes (through reliability utilization and cement clinker ratio);
    • Effectiveness of procurement management practices;
    • Increased investments.

Product Quality and Customer Satisfaction

  • Develop a customer oriented culture in alignment with the Company’s values ensuring prompt feedback in addressing customer complaints issues
  • Ensure the maintenance of product quality and provision of quality service.
  • Demonstrate ownership of quality assurance and control procedures as well as the overall quality of all products manufactured in the Country.

Human Resources Management and Development

  • Identify the right mix of people, innovation and management to propel the Country’s operations.
  • Monitors overall manpower and material resource requirements to meet with Plant budgets.
  • Ensure the execution of succession plan and training plan for all staff in the Country in order to preserve and develop key competencies.
  • Demonstrate ownership for compensation of staff in the Country.
  • Maintain and foster positive labour relations and communication.

Stakeholder/ Community Relations

  • Develop and maintain strategic relationships with key organisations and and champion the formulation of strategic business alliances.
  • Develop sustainable relationships with external influencers and seek to establish relevant partnerships for optimal positioning of the Plant.
  • Demonstrate ownership for the representation of the Plant with government and other regulatory bodies.
  • Continually promote the company image in the local social economical and environmental community.
  • Ensure that the laws and regulations pertaining to the activities are respected as well as protection of environment in compliance with Company standards.


  • Coordinate day-to-day activities of the Plant and provide leadership to direct reports and the entire staff of the Company.
  • Continually review and implement best practices for all units in the Plant.
  • Ensure continuous review and assessment of the effectiveness and efficiency of the Plant’s policies, procedures and processes, identify improvement opportunities and ensure alignment with the Country’s standards.
  • Receive and review periodic financial and non-financial reports to effectively monitor and steer the activities of the Plant to meet strategic objectives.
  • Review and authorise key expenditures/transactions of the Country in line with the approved budget.
  • Ensure the optimal management of the Plant’s human and material resources to optimise performance and enhance output.
  • Monitor and stay abreast of industry, national and global developments, trends and events to ensure that the Company is able to maintain and sharpen its competitive positioning and advantage.
  • Perform other tasks as assigned by the Director of Operations.


Education and Work Experience

  • Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree or its equivalent in Engineering discipline.
  • Professional degree/ qualification such as MBA is required.
  • Minimum of 25 years’ experience, with at least 10 years in managing multiple lines large scale cement plant of not less than 6 million tones annual capacity.

Skills and Behaviours

  • Very good understanding of technical problems in order to decide appropriate action in line with Company policy and industrial strategy in the following domains:
    • Operation and Maintenance Management Systems (SAP experience is helpful).
    • Process Management
    • Product Quality
    • Quality/ Environmental Management
    • Project Management
    • Human Resources Management
    • Logistics Management
  • In-depth knowledge of strategic planning and financial management.
  • Ability to think strategically and holistically and appreciate the systematic impact of complex issues and solutions.
  • Well-developed leadership and people management skills, including the ability to manage multi-national and cross-cultural teams effectively.
  • Strong communication, interpersonal and relationship management skills.
  • Strong presentation and facilitation skills.

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